About Us

Thank you for shopping with us for all of your new and used golf ball needs!  First and foremost, we are golfers…  We may not be scratch golfers, but we LOVE THIS GAME.

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we have built a reputation for offering excellent used golf balls at extremely affordable rates! We are also the home of the ONE DOLLAR Pro V1’s.

We are sure you may be wondering why is there such a huge market for used golf balls and the answer is simple: After that brand new ball is hit once… IT’S USED!  Think of all the times you have hit a new ball into the woods and not found it.  Well that’s where Golf Ball Warehouse comes in.  We find those balls that are basically brand new, clean them up, and with a couple simple clicks they are shipped to your door.  The vast majority of our used balls are in mint condition- you won’t be able to tell the difference between them and new ones out of the box.  A few (Grade A) have some minor marks on them, but function just like new!

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We Buy Used Golf Balls!

Are you a golf ball retriever? We are constantly looking for great deals on quality used golf balls. Email us your pricing and inventory availability.

Mint (what others refer to as: AAAAA)

Consistent, shiny white balls that could literally pass for being new.
We are very picky on this.

Grade A (what others refer to as: AAAA)

Consistent, shiny white balls that look new at a glance, but have light pen marks or a very tiny scratch.

Grade B (what others refer to as between: AA and AAA)

Balls that have light scuffs, large pen marks, very slight discoloration, but still in good condition overall.


Email us at: info@golfballwarehouse.com